Guidelines for Personal Pro-D

The Professional Development Committee reviews the guidelines for personal pro-d annually.

Please note that all activities will only be funded with prior approval.

The limited monies for this year are used to support professional development activities as outlined in the CVTU constitution. Both the school district and CVTU dues provide these funds. CVTU members have access to these funds on approval of the PD Executive committee.

Teachers will have access, on a, “first applied, first allotted” basis, to their annual allotment plus one day covered by a TTOC (July 1st to June 30th). If all teachers are to access their $600 allotment, we will not have enough funds to meet these requests.

TTOC day can not be used for travel to Lower Mainland the day before a conference without pre-approval.

Funded Activities

These categories of professional development are funded as per the CVTU’s Constitution.

  • Workshops/conferences/non-credit course
  • Self-directed professional development
  • University credit courses

Personal wellness activities are not reimbursed through professional development funding.


How to Apply for PD Funds

At least three weeks before the event, fill in the Pro-D Pre-Approval form via our online fillable form.

(Link is on the Forms dropdown)

To Get Reimbursed

Once you have been approved you will receive an email confirming this.

If approved, you will also receive an email that invites you to fill in the Reimbursement form. You MUST save this email to access your reimbursement form. This links your reimbursement to your pre-approval. Please make sure you fill in the form completely and upload all required receipts.



Overnight accommodations will be provided, at CVTU Professional Development Funds’ expense, to those members attending an approved activity if, in the opinion of the member, she/he needs to stay the night prior to the  commencement of the activity. 

LSA Grant Application

Once per year, Local Specialist Associations (LSAs) may apply for $200 in funding from the Cowichan Valley Teachers’ Union Professional Development Committee to support their activities.