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Guidelines for Personal Professional Pro-D

These guidelines were created from a member survey. The Professional Development Committee reviews them annually. Based on the Professional Development funding survey, the following guidelines are recommended for each year.

The limited monies for this year are used to support professional development activities as outlined in the CVTU constitution. Both the school district (85%) and CVTU dues (15%) provide these funds. CVTU members have access to these funds on approval of the PD Executive committee.

Teachers will have access, on a “first applied, first allotted” basis of $500 plus one day covered by a TTOC once per school year (July 1st to June 30th). If all teachers are to access their $500 allotment, we will not have enough funds to meet these requests.

Funded Activities

These categories of professional development are funded as per the CVTU’s Constitution.

  • Workshops/conferences/non-credit course
  • Self-directed professional development

Please note that this category will only be funded with prior approval when the Self Directed portion of the Pre-Approval Form is provided to the CVTU office a minimum of three weeks prior to the activity. Here is a link to the form:  Click here to view the form...

  • School based sharing/presentations
  • Colleague sharing, including other classroom visits
  • University credit courses

Personal wellness activities are not reimbursed through professional development funding. Personal wellness support is available through EFAP at and BCTF Wellness programs at

Please note that due to funding constraints, a TTOC day may not be requested for an activity that is available outside of school hours. Your colleagues who volunteer their time run the CVTU Professional Development Committee. As such, you may have to wait two to six weeks for reimbursement. Please make a copy of all receipts, as documents have been known to get lost in the mail.

Lastly, consult your CDTA Constitution for allowable expenses and more details.

How to Apply for PD Funds

Three weeks before the event, obtain and fill out “Funding and Self Directed Pre-Approval Application (Form A)” and submit to CDTA Office.

After attending event, obtain and fill out “Reimbursement and Post Event Report (Form B).” Attach original receipts, and submit to CDTA office.

In order for your staff to get funding, you must have a rep to sign forms!

To Apply

  1. Complete applicable sections on both pages, sign form and get PD rep to initial.
  2. Complete a Leave of Absence Form (if leaving district). Quote Article 445 where appropriate.
  3. Have the School PD Rep authorize 3 weeks prior to activity and fax to CDTA Office for pre-approval.
  4. Inform your Administrator of the date(s) you will be absent.
  5. Use the PD Account Code when calling for a TOC – 2600 CDTA Pro D.

To Get Reimbursed

  1. Complete all sections on both pages and sign form.
  2. Attach original receipts (not including meals) – Keep a photocopy of all receipts for your records.
  3. Submit to School PD Rep for verification and have them initial form.
  4. Submit to CDTA office ATTN: PRO D via interschool mail.

**Pro D funds are on a first come – first serve basis.Max. $500 for 2019-2020.**

  • Please pay particular attention to instruction Number 3 under “To Apply”. Pro D has always been a first-come, first-served fund. This is important to you as your application, once “Approved” by the CDTA Executive members, reserve Pro D funds to ensure they are available to you for reimbursement after you have completed the Pro D activity.
  • If you partake in an activity without prior approval of the volunteer Pro D Executive Committee, there is no guarantee that these funds will be available to you for reimbursement.
  • The three week turn around period is necessary so that the volunteer Pro D Executive has the time required to reach the CDTA office and perform the correct procedure in order to secure your Pro-D funds.

Fuel Grid

Professional Development mileage costs may only be claimed for the use of a personal vehicle for attending Professional Development activities once or twice per year outside the Cowichan Valley. Click here for more details....

PSA List

The BCTF encourages and supports over 30 Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs), which provide channels for members to share common interests. Click here for more details...

Pro-D Reps

Here is a list of Professional Development Staff Representatives. Click here for more details...

LSA List

Here is a list of our Local Specialist Associations and contact information.  Click here for more details.



Overnight accommodations will be provided, at CDTA Professional Development Funds' expense, to those members attending a CDTA Professional Development Executive Committee approved activity if, in the opinion of the member, she/he needs to stay the night prior to the  commencement of the activity. Click here for more details..

LSA Grant Application

Once per year, Local Specialist Associations (LSAs) may apply for $200 in funding from the Cowichan District Teachers’ Association Professional Development Committee to support their activities. Click here for more details...

Compensatory Day Approval Form

CDTA members who present a local workshop to members within S.D. #79 shall be provided leave pursuant to Policy 4.2.1. Click here for more details...

February Pro-D Day